Solutions for Organisational Success


Lesley Broughton, former HR director at Cranfield, highlights the critical need to enable the potential of HR colleagues to become effective agents of change. Working with UHR and the Leadership Foundation, Lesley helped to create Solutions for Organisational Success, a leadership programme tailored to the needs of HR professionals working in higher education.

It’s an exciting time to be a senior business partner in higher education. The need for HR to support organisational success has never been greater. Increased pressure on resources, global competition for the best students and academics, the prospect of regulatory changes, the drive for improvements in organisational efficiency, engagement and performance, whilst strengthening innovation and reputational value, give HR a rich operational context.

So, how do you as a senior HR professional make a lasting difference to the senior leaders and functions of the institution you support, and contribute to overall organisational success?

Well, firstly you’ll be very familiar with your corporate strategy and understand in detail how this is playing out for the senior academic/service leaders you support in the challenges they face. Your curiosity will have led you to have probing conversations with them about the workings of the function they are responsible for, their delivery priorities and longer term ambitions. This in-depth understanding of ‘the business’, coupled with the priorities set out in the HR strategy will give you the platform you need for implementing appropriately designed HR solutions.

But knowledge and understanding is only the starting point.

To be truly impactful, you will need to be a trusted partner, with the personal gravitas and confidence to work alongside your senior managers to influence their thinking and decision making.

If you would like to enhance your strategic understanding, devise impactful HR solutions as well as build your personal confidence and credibility, the Solutions for Organisational Success programme will help you achieve those goals. Designed specifically for senior business partners operating in the complex environment of higher education, the programme focuses on the issues and challenges within the sector, developing political awareness, strategic thinking and the high level influencing skills required to help your business leaders achieve success. Solutions for Organisational Success also offers the opportunity to interact with HR directors and learn from their experiences, and of course, to build relationships with other delegates and strengthen your own networks.

Designed to be stimulating, provoke discussion and allow for reflection, the programme content will be varied and includes a mix of facilitator-led knowledge input, alongside case studies and group work.

If you aspire to become a more impactful HR change agent, join this year’s intake of programme delegates, and discover how best to devise and deliver solutions for organisational success.

The next run of the 3-day programme will take place in Birmingham. The booking deadline is Thursday 14 April 2016To book a place visit